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Science Reveals 5 Surprising Fat Shedding Benefits of Beverage You Should Drink More Of

All you have to do is look around, and you’ll see the signs of declining male health. Flagging energy. Less fulfilling workouts. Spare guts around the midsection.

If you experience any of those symptoms, you’re in good company since nearly all men suffer that fate.

The exciting news is that recent breakthroughs in science have shown that coffee may be the answer.

But before you drive through Starbucks and double your order, you should know that how you drink your coffee makes all the difference.

Read on to learn about the recent scientific discoveries as well as the powerful way to optimize your coffee intake to shed fat, increase muscle mass, reduce pain, and more surprising benefits.


Accelerate Fat Loss

It’s no surprise that to become lean and stay lean you’ve got to do some healthy movement regularly. Whether your favorite form of exercise is walking, swimming, or lifting weights, doing it regularly is a key to staying trim and healthy.

But recent research has shown that if you’re exercising without drinking coffee beforehand, you’re only getting half the benefits of the exercise.

Scientists have found that caffeinated coffee packs a one-two wallop when it comes to fat loss.

First, coffee forces your body to burn fat while sparing lean muscle. Test this out. Drink a cup or two of black coffee before your workouts for the next two weeks, and see the difference.

Second, coffee’s natural caffeine is a proven metabolic booster. That means it increases the rate at which your body uses calories. The result? You’ll be leaner.

Work Harder

When it comes to fitness - becoming the strongest, healthiest you - the old adage to “work smarter, not harder” misses the mark.

True, you do want to work smarter to avoid injury. But you’ve also got to work harder.

And that’s where coffee comes into play. Researchers published a paper in the British Journal of Sports Science showing that coffee causes men to work harder during exercise.

The result? More fat loss and more muscle gain. Drinking a cup or two of black coffee before a workout can enhance the results by pushing you to work harder.

Less Pain

Another old adage that’s been proven wrong is “no pain, no gain”. Smart men recognize that pain is a sign of injury, and it has no place in fitness.

Again, coffee has been shown to play a powerful role in reducing pain and allowing for more beneficial workouts.

Researchers at the University of Illinois have found that coffee consumption before workouts decreases pain significantly. Importantly, it’s not just that coffee reduces the sensitivity to pain. It actually is a potent anti-inflammatory that protects your body from injury.

The benefit for you is you can push a little harder without suffering any ill effects.

Makes Exercise More Enjoyable

This one is a real kicker. A recent publication in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that coffee makes exercise more enjoyable.

If you find that you let one too many workouts slide by, coffee can help to reinvigorate your enjoyment. By drinking two cups of caffeinated coffee before a workout, researchers have shown that you’ll be excited to do it.

Boosts Sagging Levels of Male Hormones

Medical statistics show a shocking truth: men today are less manly than even just 40 years ago. Men’s testosterone levels have dropped nearly by half and estrogen levels have increased significantly.

The result? No matter how hard you workout and no matter how well you eat, you’ll be tired and fat as long as your hormone levels are out of whack.

The good news is research has shown that caffeinated coffee can boost testosterone levels by 25% and free up more of that testosterone (which is what you need).

And a new study shows exciting benefits of coffee and a few other unique herbs to boost testosterone. Not only that, they can dramatically increase all the markers of manliness.

As a result, coffee, especially when combined with exercise (which also can improve hormone levels), can have powerful benefits not only increasing fat loss, but also increasing motivation, protecting against disease, and improving sexual health.

Important Tips to Optimize Your Hormones

As you just learned, the shocking truth is that men’s testosterone levels are lower than ever while their estrogen levels are higher than ever. That’s bad news for all men who want to be fit and healthy.

But there’s good news too. Along with drinking coffee before workouts, here are some very important tips you can do that are scientifically proven to make you the man you’re meant to be:

Make Coffee Part of Your Health Plan

Coffee isn’t a “magic bullet”, but it does have an impressive list of benefits. Include two cups of black coffee prior to your workouts to maximize those benefits.

And make coffee part of your overall plan to maximize your health. Especially when you also include an arsenal of supplements that are proven to get your hormones optimized so you can live your best life.



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