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New Research Reveals Amazing Nutrient Prevents Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. A shocking 1 in 4 men die from heart attacks.

While smoking and low fiber diets play key roles in the development of heart disease, quitting smoking and a healthy diet aren’t always enough. Sadly, far too many men are deadly proof of that.

The nearly incredible news that is making waves in science, is that a humble nutrient may hold the key to unlock heart health.

What is that nutrient? It’s called boron. And if you haven’t heard of it, you’re not alone. The FDA doesn’t even recognize it as an essential nutrient for human health. And it’s not...if you don’t mind dying of a heart attack at age 50.

But recent research proves that this little-known mineral has incredible power to safeguard your health.

Read on and learn the benefits as well as the best, safest ways to get enough of this crucial nutrient.

Protects Against Leading Cause of Cardiovascular Damage

Do you know why many doctors recommend a “baby aspirin” daily to many men? It’s because aspirin thins the blood, reducing one of the leading causes of heart disease.

Although most people are under the mistaken belief that cholesterol is to blame for heart disease, scientists know that the most deadly and most common cause of heart disease next to inflammation is thick blood.

When blood becomes too thick, clots form more easily. And those clots cause damage and can even completely block blood flow. What that happens the result is a heart attack.

Aspirin thins the blood, but at a cost. Aspirin is a major cause of internal bleeding, liver damage, and life-threatening situations in more than 100,000 people in the U.S. each year.

So is there a safer solution? Researchers in Ireland have shown that boron is an essential nutrient for safely and naturally preventing thick blood and excessive clotting.

Lowers Blood Lipids Safely

Did you know that the most-prescribed drugs are drugs for lowering blood lipids and cholesterol? And yet studies from prestigious universities have proven that those drugs are not only barely effective in reducing heart disease risk - they also can cause serious damage to those who take them.

Scientists at several Ivy League schools have shown that forcefully lowering lipids and cholesterol in the blood is dangerous. In other words, most drugs treat the symptom, not the cause. And as a result, they can cause harm.

Instead, what is needed is a safe solution to the cause of elevated lipids and cholesterol.

Researchers from Australia revealed that boron can do exactly that. But reducing inflammation and damage to the blood vessels, boron addresses the cause. And as a result, lipid and cholesterol levels come into range safely.

Other Amazing Benefits For Men

As if heart protection wasn’t enough, boron has also proven to have other key benefits - especially for men.

Researchers found that boron improves brain health and protects against dementia, reduces cancer risk, and dramatically reduces arthritis.

Perhaps most important for men is the fact that boron has been shown to be a safe and incredibly effective natural alternative to dangerous hormone replacement therapy. Boron has been proven to increase testosterone levels by up to 200%, effectively giving many men a new lease on life.

But there’s more. Along with raising testosterone, boron also helps to reduce a protein that can bind testosterone When levels of that protein are too high - as they typically are in most men - they cause men to gain fat, lose their drive, and become more irritable and emotional.

While boron offers essential protection, you need to arm yourself with the right information. Click here now to learn the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself against the feminizing effects of that dangerous protein.

Getting The Right Amount

Like many minerals, either too little or too much boron can be a problem. Most people these days are extremely deficient. But before you rush out and buy a supplement, you need to read this warning about how much is safe to take.

Most experts agree that men need a minimum of 3 mg of boron every day. Very few foods have enough boron to give you that much. In fact, the only food with large amounts of boron is the avocado. Each avocado contains 1 mg of boron. That means you’d need to eat 3 avocados each day! Clearly, most men can’t do that.

Boron supplements can ensure that you get enough. Look for a supplement that will give you a minimum of 3 mg per day. Studies show that up to 10 mg per day is safe long term. Experts suggest that you take no more than that regularly.



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