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Are Common Household Chemicals Killing You Slowly? (Men May Be At Greatest Risk)

Have you noticed that men today struggle with health problems that our grandfathers never did? Things like loss of drive, fatigue, low muscle mass, obesity, and erectile dysfunction?

Exciting and frightening new evidence has found the smoking gun.

And no, it’s not because men today are exercising less and eating more. It’s not because men today are smoking more. Nor are they drinking more alcohol.

The shocking truth is that common chemicals found in nearly every home today have been proven to cause increases in estrogen.

Estrogen is the “female hormone”. While healthy men have small amounts of it, anything more can cause men to grow fat, lose their sexual vigor, become depressed, and even develop cancer!

Many of the chemicals that have been approved for use in common household products and even in food are 100 percent proven to turn men into estrogen-producing machines.

Read on and learn what you can do to protect yourself from the frightening dangers of these chemicals.

Plastics Are A Man’s Worst Nightmare

When you take a look at one of the single biggest changes over the past 30-40 years, what you’ll see is that plastic is now everywhere. Remember when soda and milk came in returnable glass bottles? Today they come in plastic.

Foods are packaged in plastic. Phones and computers are housed in plastic. Even much of our clothing is made out of plastic (polyester)!

Plastic is cheap, waterproof, shatter-resistant, and convenient. It’s no wonder there’s so much plastic around these days.

But the dark side of plastic is that it causes increases in estrogen.

You don’t need to worry about touching most plastic. But frequent contact with plastic - and especially food from plastic when the food is acidic or has been in contact with plastic while hot - can leach dangerous estrogens into your body.

The leading causes of vitamin B12 deficiencies are antacids or proton pump inhibitor drugs or vegan diets. If in doubt, get your B12 levels tested.

And when it comes to colorful vegetables and spices, the orange-colored Indian spice, turmeric, has been proven to protect against amyloid plaque buildup.

BPA In More Than Just Plastic

In recent years many people have learned about the estrogen-promoting dangers of a chemical called bisphenol-A, or BPA. Many people know that BPA is used extensively in some types of plastic (but not all). For that reason it is especially important to avoid plastics that contain BPA.

However, what most men don’t know is that BPA, which is one of the most estrogenic chemicals in use, is used in many other things. And so many men are exposed to BPA frequently without even knowing it.

BPA is used in thermal paper. You may wonder what thermal paper is. But you are coming into contact with it daily. Thermal paper is used in store receipts, movie tickets, airline tickets, mailing labels, and more. And scientific studies have shown that BPA is easily absorbed through the skin. So handling thermal paper frequently can dramatically increase the levels of estrogen in men.

BPA is also used to line most canned foods! Canned foods are one of the most common sources of BPA for many men. Look for foods that use BPA free linings.

Pesticides Found Everywhere

Many pesticides are highly estrogenic. In fact, some common pesticides that are in use today have been shown to actually turn some male animals into females!

You definitely want to avoid your exposure to most pesticides for that reason and for others.

Unfortunately, pesticides are found all over the place.

Don’t use pesticides in your home or yard. Don’t frequent places where pesticides are applied.

Another hidden source of pesticides for many people is in drinking water. Numerous studies by the U.S. Geological Survey have shown that most water supplies across the United States contain high levels of pesticides.

Take Steps to Protect Yourself

Fortunately, you can take some steps to protect yourself against the dangers of estrogen-causing chemicals.

Clearly, avoiding common estrogen-promoting chemicals is a good first step. Don’t use pesticides. Filter your water with a common carbon block filter. Avoid canned foods that use BPA. Reduce your handling of thermal paper. And don’t eat or drink foods that have been heated in plastic.

Unfortunately, in today’s environment it is nearly impossible to completely avoid these chemicals. That means you must take extra steps to reverse the harm caused by estrogen-promoting chemicals. To learn a simple, effective way to balance your important male hormones and regain what estrogen-promoting chemicals have robbed you of, click here now.



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