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Science Discovers New Solution to Prostate Cancer

For decades doctors have been giving men deadly advice regarding prostate cancer.

Now, scientists led by Harvard researchers have found that everything they thought they knew about prostate cancer was wrong. And the leading advice doctors had been doling out was based on bad science.

Leading organizations such as the American Cancer Association have reversed many of their recommendations about prostate cancer. But few are openly explaining to men what they can do to protect themselves.

In this article you’ll learn why scientists and doctors were terribly mistaken. You’ll learn what not to do. And most importantly, you’ll learn about a simple and powerful thing you can do to protect your prostate health.

Prostate Cancer Screening Proven “Worse Than Useless”

For decades major health organizations recommended that all men get routinely screened for prostate cancer. It seemed like a good idea. But unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The screening procedure for prostate cancer is called a PSA test. The theory was that high PSA levels meant high risk of prostate cancer.

There was only one problem: PSA screening does not accurately predict harmful prostate cancer. And large numbers of men underwent needless and dangerous surgery based only PSA tests.

PSA screening is so unreliable that all major health organizations now recommend against routine PSA screening!

Recent research from Harvard shows one reason PSA screening is unreliable for cancer detection. That reason is that high (healthy) levels of testosterone can increase PSA levels.

In other words, men with healthy testosterone levels were getting flagged as having prostate cancer. But as we’ll see in just a moment, the truth is that healthy testosterone levels actually protect against prostate cancer.

Testosterone Wrongly Blamed

For many years doctors blamed testosterone for prostate cancer. And the medical industry went so far as to chemically castrate men to “protect” them from prostate cancer.

New research shows that old view was not only wrong. It was completely opposite of the truth.

Major university studies have shown that testosterone never was to blame for prostate cancer. And, in fact, healthy testosterone levels actually prevent prostate cancer.

Sadly, many men have been chemically castrated by drugs in the name of prostate protection. But those drugs have actually increased those men’s risk of prostate cancer!

The good news is that researchers have shown that naturally increasing testosterone levels can protect a man’s prostate. Even if a man has been subjected to chemical castration drugs, he can reverse the damage with smart and natural steps.

Lower Prostate Cancer Risk by Raising Testosterone Levels

Along with healthy lifestyle choices such as not smoking, moderate exercise, and a healthy diet, raising your testosterone is one of the most important things you can do to avoid prostate cancer.

Whatever you do, do not fall prey to the dangerous pharmaceutical drugs still on the market for prostate cancer. Those drugs rob men of their testosterone using the same cocktail that prisons used to use to chemically castrate prisoners!

One of the most powerful things you can do to protect your prostate is to watch this short informational video that offers safe, natural alternatives to chemical castration drugs. Using the proven and easy solutions described, men can lower their risk of prostate cancer while increasing their essential male hormone: testosterone.

In addition to the important information found in that short documentary, here are a few more tips to naturally protect your testosterone levels:

  • Avoid chemicals that raise estrogen and interfere with testosterone such as BPA, pesticides, and parabens
  • Eat avocados regularly because they contain nutrients proven to naturally boost testosterone levels
  • Get natural sunlight because it causes your body to produce vitamin D, which is shown to support healthy testosterone levels and keep prostates healthy

Give yourself the gift of lifelong health by following these tips.



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