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Shocking New Research Shows Doctors Were Wrong about the Cause of Depression (And a Safe, Natural Way to Protect Yourself)


Do you know what the leading cause of disability is in North America?

You may be surprised to learn that depression is the leading cause of disability. More than just “feeling a bit down”, depression can be a crippling condition.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 16 million American adults experience major depression each year.

If you have experienced depression, you know what a serious condition it can be. In that case you know how important it is to find effective ways to prevent depression.

If you haven’t yet experienced depression, you especially need to arm yourself with knowledge so you can continue to keep yourself safe.

In this article you’ll learn about the shocking evidence showing that leading drug treatments are ineffective. And worse, they are dangerous.

Importantly, you’ll also learn about the little-known, but proven cause of depression in many men. And you’ll learn what you can do to protect yourself.

Antidepressant Drugs: Studies Show Dangers

Did you know that after statin drugs, antidepressant drugs are the most prescribed drugs in North America? In the United States each year nearly 250 million prescriptions are written for antidepressant drugs.

Doctors have been trained to believe that antidepressant drugs are effective. That’s because the drug companies do the training.

But scientific researchers have shown that’s not true. In fact, studies from numerous prestigious universities have shown that antidepressant drugs are no more effective than placebo.

What that means is that you can give somebody a sugar pill and it will work just as well as Prozac or any of the other antidepressant drugs at relieving depression.

But the really scary thing is that unlike sugar pills, antidepressant drugs are highly dangerous.

A major study in Scandinavia revealed that antidepressant drugs cause obesity. Other researchers have confirmed the finding.

To make matters worse, a German university study showed that antidepressant drugs cause diabetes.

And even the National Institutes of Health itself has conducted studies proving that antidepressant drugs cause cardiovascular disease.

Antidepressant drugs are a multi-billion dollar industry. But the science is clear: the drugs are both ineffective and deadly.

Dangerous Hormone Thieves: The Real Cause of Depression

There is no single cause of depression in all people. Each person is different. However, recent research sheds light on one of the major causes of depression in men.

For years it’s been known that testosterone rates among men have been dropped decade after decade. For example, national surveys show that average testosterone levels among men have dropped by over 40 percent since the 1970s!

That drop in testosterone can cause depression. And a major scientific review published in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice found that raising testosterone levels in men successfully treated even severe depression.

Unlike antidepressant drugs, raising testosterone is proven to actually work.

Unfortunately, the way that most doctors know how to raise testosterone is with testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT. TRT involves injecting synthetic testosterone into men. And while it raises testosterone, it comes with some major side effects.

One of the most active researchers on the subject of men’s hormones, Dr. Anthony Capasso, recently published a warning to men about the dangers of TRT. Dr. Capasso, explains that TRT shuts down the body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally. As a result, it shrinks a man’s testicles and can cause increases in estrogen - exactly what you don’t want.

Is there a safer, more natural approach? Science has shown that there are natural and safe ways to raise testosterone. Click here now to watch a 3 minute video in which Dr. Capasso reveals a scientifically proven way to safely and naturally restore healthy testosterone levels, thereby offering natural protection from depression.

Other tips for supporting healthy testosterone levels naturally include:

  • Avoid pesticides (which lower testosterone and increase estrogen)
  • Avoid BPA found in plastics, canned food linings, and store receipts
  • Do resistance training to build lean mass (which creates more testosterone)
  • Eat a diet with moderate (but not high) protein, adequate natural fat, and plenty of carbohydrates (which is scientifically proven to support testosterone production)

Do these things and follow the expert advice you’ll find in Dr. Capasso’s free, short documentary, and you can raise your testosterone and protect yourself from depression.



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