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3 Reasons The Right Carbohydrates Are The Key to Reversing Aging

Is it true that carbohydrates like starch and sugar make men fat and sick? Do carbohydrates cause heart disease? If you want to be healthy, should you jump on the low carbohydrate diet bandwagon? Not so fast! What many of the experts aren’t telling you is that eating the right carbohydrates at the right times may be the secret to reversing the effects of aging. […]

"Healthy" Foods You’re Eating That Are Killing You (And The Simple Remedy To Save Your Heart)

Incredibly, nearly half of all American men have cardiovascular disease - whether they know it or not. And cardiovascular disease is the number one killer by far. Every 40 seconds somebody in the United States dies of cardiovascular disease. And recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that nearly all dietary advice doled out by the experts is wrong. Dead wrong. In this article you’ll learn how […]