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Top 3 Causes of Alzheimer’s Revealed (And What You Can Do To Protect Yourself)

Did you know that Alzheimer’s is one of the fastest growing disease in North America? Currently there are more than 5 million Americans with Alzheimer’s disease. And it’s estimated that number will more than triple in the next 35 years. One in nine people over age 65 have Alzheimer’s. And one in three people over age 85 have the condition. But do you know the causes of Alzheimer’s disease? […]

Science Discovers New Solution to Prostate Cancer

For decades doctors have been giving men deadly advice regarding prostate cancer. Now, scientists led by Harvard researchers have found that everything they thought they knew about prostate cancer was wrong. And the leading advice doctors had been doling out was based on bad science. Leading organizations such as the American Cancer Association have reversed many of their recommendations about prostate cancer. But few are openly explaining to men what they can do to […]