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Shocking New Research Shows Doctors Were Wrong about the Cause of Depression (And a Safe, Natural Way to Protect Yourself)

Do you know what the leading cause of disability is in North America? You may be surprised to learn that depression is the leading cause of disability. More than just “feeling a bit down”, depression can be a crippling condition. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 16 million American adults experience major depression each year. If you have experienced depression, you know what a serious condition it can be. […]

Are Common Household Chemicals Killing You Slowly? (Men May Be At Greatest Risk)

Have you noticed that men today struggle with health problems that our grandfathers never did? Things like loss of drive, fatigue, low muscle mass, obesity, and erectile dysfunction? Exciting and frightening new evidence has found the smoking gun. And no, it’s not because men today are exercising less and eating more. It’s not because men today are smoking more. Nor are they drinking more alcohol. The shocking truth is that […]